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AIMS To determine the level of competence and confidence in general practice in relation to the management of familial cancers and to determine the impact of providing genetic educational outreach on confidence and competence. METHODS Confidence and competence in dealing with familial cancers was measured using a postal questionnaire sent to all general(More)
Primary care practitioners need to be supported by specialist genetics services to enable them to cope effectively with the expanding relevance of genetics to their patients. Genetic counselors could be effective in such a role. This exploratory project set out to improve the Primary–Tertiary interface through piloting such a service to general practice for(More)
The active engagement of clients in mental health services offers far greater chances of successful outcomes. When clients do not actively engage in treatment, their risk of becoming part of the population of 'high users' is greater. The 'high users' consume a disproportionate share of health resources, which may prevent other potential clients from(More)
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