Nick Cartwright

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Transport Canada is reviewing its Aviation Security regulations in a multi-year modernization process. As part of this review, consideration is given to transitioning regulations where appropriate from a prescriptive style to an outcomebased style. This raises new technical and cultural challenges related to how to measure compliance. This paper reports on(More)
Goal modeling is an important part of various types of activities such as requirements engineering, business management, and compliance assessment. The Goal-oriented Requirement Language is a standard and mature goal modeling language supported by the jUCMNav tool. However, recent applications of GRL to a regulatory context highlighted several analysis(More)
Colette’s essay was one of the most original of those submitted, taking the form of a law and literature review of one of the series of the infamous children’s books based around the young wizard Harry Potter. Colette’s essay appraises the detrimental effect a disregard for the doctrine of the separation of powers has in the wizarding community; the only(More)
The performance modeling of regulations is a relatively recent innovation. However, as regulators in many domains increasingly look to move from prescriptive regulations towards more outcome-based regulations, the use of performance modeling will become more common place. The major difference of outcome-based regulations over prescriptive regulations is(More)
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