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The responses of neurons in the middle temporal and medial superior temporal areas of macaque cortex are suppressed during saccades compared with saccade-like stimulus movements. We utilized the short-latency ocular following paradigm to show that this saccadic suppression is followed by postsaccadic enhancement of motion responses. The level of enhancement(More)
The primate middle temporal area (MT) is involved in the analysis and perception of visual motion, which is generated actively by eye and body movements and passively when objects move. We studied the responses of single cells in area MT of awake macaques, comparing the direction tuning and latencies of responses evoked by wide-field texture motion during(More)
Previous studies investigating the response properties of neurons in the primary visual cortex of cats and primates have shown that prolonged exposure to optimally oriented, high-contrast gratings leads to a reduction in responsiveness to subsequently presented test stimuli. We recorded from 119 neurons in cat V1 and V2 and found that in a high proportion(More)
Studies of individual neurons in area MT have traditionally investigated their sensitivity to constant speeds. We investigated acceleration sensitivity in MT neurons by comparing their responses to constant steps and linear ramps in stimulus speed. Speed ramps constituted constant accelerations and decelerations between 0 and 240 degrees /s. Our results(More)
Hubel and Weisel introduced the concept of cells in cat primary visual cortex being partitioned into two categories: simple and complex. Subsequent authors have developed a quantitative measure to distinguish the two cell types based on the ratio between modulated responses at the stimulus frequency (F1) and unmodulated (F0) components of the spiking(More)
The interactions of the individually expressed haem- and flavin-containing domains of cytochrome P-450 BM3 have been analysed by enzymological and spectroscopic techniques. Electron transfer between the isolated domains occurs at a much lower rate than that occurring in the intact flavocytochrome. CD spectroscopic studies indicate that the linkage of the(More)
The B-subunit pentamer of Escherichia coli heat-labile enterotoxin (EtxB) is highly stable, maintaining its quaternary structure in a range of conditions that would normally be expected to cause protein denaturation. In this paper the structural stability of EtxB has been studied as a function of pH by electrophoretic, immunochemical, and spectroscopic(More)
The transglutaminase-catalysed incorporation of primary amines (putrescine and monodansylcadaverine) into bovine beta-lactoglobulin has been studied. In the presence of 1 mM-dithiothreitol between 1 and 2 mol of amine can be incorporated per mol of beta-lactoglobulin subunit. There is very little incorporation of amines in the absence of reducing agent. By(More)
BACKGROUND The Ober2 Model B-1200 system uses infrared reflections to record and analyze eye movements made during reading. The system's ability to analyze data from normal subjects and the reliability of the data produced by subjects who read standard paragraphs were investigated. METHODS Forty-two optometry students and 20 junior high school students,(More)
The nik operon of Escherichia coli encodes a periplasmic binding-protein-dependent transport system specific for nickel. In this report, we describe the overproduction of the periplasmic nickel-binding protein NikA by cloning the nikA gene into an overexpression vector, pRE1. NikA was purified free of nickel to near homogeneity from the periplasm by(More)