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With the progress of the semiconductor technology, multicore has been more and more important than before. In multicore architecture, more than one processor core is integrated onto one single chip to improve the performance. The processor technology has been greatly changed by this architecture. In pervasive computing, different multicore processors are(More)
As the rapidly development of embedded systems, it is a challenge for universities to fill the gap between education and industry. In this paper, we introduce the experiment designed for embedded system curriculum based on embedded IA first, and then adapt the design to the new promising processor-Atom¿ - developed by Intel. At last, we will share our(More)
Embedded systems have been used widely promoted by the advancement of semiconductor technology. This also makes embedded system education a challenge for the universities. The curriculum in embedded system should address the needs from embedded systems and embedded software. In this paper, we shared our experiences in embedded system education and the model(More)
With the progress of semiconductor technologies and then the advent of multi-core processors, the age of Serial Computing is over and parallel computing technology is now emerging as mainstream. Parallel programming models are needed to change and the education is need to help sequential programmers adapt to the requirements of this new technology and(More)
With the progress of semiconductor technologies and the advent of multi-core processor, parallel programming models are evolving and the education is needed to help sequential programmers adapt to the requirements of those new technologies and architectures. Now multi-core related contents have been adopted into curricula syllabus of more than 100(More)
Embedded system education is an enormous challenge for the universities because embedded system is at the intersection of different disciplines and in continuous rapid progress. Outstanding curriculum design of embedded system will keep students close to the requirements from industry. In this paper, we share our experiences in how to promote embedded(More)
Multicore has shown its merits of high performance and low power consumption compared with traditional single cores. It also puts a challenge to the universities in how to teach and train the students in this rapidly changing field. In this paper we present the online programming experience platform designed and implemented for multicore curriculum.(More)
Embedded technology is in rapid progress in recent years. The teaching contents and the experimental platforms should be updated according to the embedded technology. It is a huge challenge in embedded education for the universities. The solution to this problem one must keep close to the industry. In this paper, we share the experiences in collaboration(More)
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