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Recent appearance of cattail (Typha domingensis) within a southern Everglades slough-Upper Taylor Slough (Everglades National Park)-suggests ecosystem eutrophication. We analyze water quality, nutrient enrichment, and water management operations as potential drivers of eutrophication in Upper Taylor Slough. Further, we attempt to determine why surface water(More)
Undoing harm caused by catchment urbanization on stream channels and their resident biota is challenging because of the range of stressors in this environment. One primary way in which urbanization degrades biological conditions is by changing flow patterns; thus, reestablishing natural flow regimes in urban streams demands particular attention if(More)
Stream restoration attempts to reverse the global degradation of rivers and streams, but rigorous evaluations are needed to advance the science. We evaluated a 3rd-order channelized Indiana (USA) stream that was restored in 1997 by constructing two meanders, each ;400 m long. Pool and riffle sequences were constructed, coarse substrate and wood were added(More)
7525 Background: IGF1R is a potential biomarker for predicting outcome of NSCLC patients (pts) treated with therapeutics targeting the IGF1R signaling pathway. SISH can be expeditiously analyzed on a bright field microscope given that the morphology of the tissue is observed concurrent to the scoring of discrete gene signals. METHODS An experimental SISH(More)
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