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PURPOSE To introduce and assess the results of a long-term follow-up of a one-snip punctoplasty with monocanalicular stent (Mini Monoka) for acquired external punctal stenosis (AEPS) with and without associated internal punctal and canalicular stenosis. DESIGN Prospective non-comparative interventional case series. METHODS Thirty-five eligible patients(More)
UNLABELLED PURPOSE; To investigate the underlying causes of acquired external punctal stenosis (AEPS) and assess the associated tear drainage problems. DESIGN Prospective, noncomparative observational case series. METHODS Seventy-eight eyes of 52 patients with symptomatic AEPS were prospectively assessed by or under supervision of a consultant(More)
Smoking is associated with common sight-threatening eye conditions. We suspected that this link was little known and it might be a potent novel health promotional tool. We therefore developed a programme ultimately aiming to reduce the burden of eye disease attributable to smoking. The programme aims were to (1) raise awareness of the link between smoking(More)
In May 2008, a report of two workers from the same construction equipment manufacturing plant who were admitted to hospital with Legionnaires disease confirmed by urine antigen prompted an outbreak investigation. Both cases were middle aged men, smokers, and with no travel, leisure or other common community exposure to Legionella sources. There were no wet(More)
Unless there is a contraindication (e.g. trauma or corneal ulcer), all adults attending an eye unit should have their intraocular pressure (IOP) measured. Many people with glaucoma have no symptoms and do not know they have the condition. All children who have had cataract surgery should also have their IOP measured at every follow-up visit, if possible.(More)
th General Assembly was 'Excellence and equity in eye care' – superlative sound bites perhaps, but when those words are considered in the context of VISION 2020, they take on a meaning that should define all our efforts to combat avoidable blindness. Striving for excellence Allen Foster, in his inspiring 'Sir John Wilson' oration, urged that excellence(More)
BACKGROUND The Royal College of Ophthalmologists (RCOphth) and the College of Ophthalmology of Eastern Central and Southern Africa (COECSA) are collaborating to cascade a Training the Trainers (TTT) Programme across the COECSA Region. Within the VISION 2020 Links Programme, it aims to develop a skilled motivated workforce who can deliver high quality eye(More)
Every eye surgeon has experienced – or will experience – that sinking feeling when the posterior capsule is ruptured and vitreous comes forward into the anterior chamber. At that moment everything changes, including the heart rate of the surgeon and the possible outcome for the patient. But all is not lost. If the theatre team are well prepared, the(More)