Nichole Smith

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Treatment of vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus (VRE) infections is limited by the paucity of effective antibiotics. Administration of broad-spectrum antibiotics promotes VRE colonization by down-regulating homeostatic innate immune defenses. Intestinal epithelial cells and Paneth cells express antimicrobial factors on direct or indirect stimulation of the(More)
The Tower of London - Drexel University, Second Edition (TOL(DX)) was investigated in order to determine the efficacy of using this instrument in evaluating the impact of traumatic brain injury on cognitive functioning in adults. Performance on the TOL(DX) was compared among 56 individuals with complicated mild to severe traumatic brain injury ("sTBI"), 68(More)
The incidence of syphilis has historically been cyclical in nature, often in relation to the rise and fall of public health initiatives directed toward eradication along with social attitudes toward sexual practices. The incidence of syphilis has increased by 15% in the last 6 years in the United States, with similar increases worldwide. Herein, we present(More)
Previous studies have revealed a similarity between hemadsorption and bacterial adherence to virus-infected cells. This observation led to the question of whether mature virions can interact directly with bacteria in a manner similar to hemagglutination. Thus, hemagglutination inhibition, direct immunofluorescence, and scanning electron microscopy were used(More)
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