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This review presents issues arising from an analysis of over 100 papers published in the field of patient satisfaction. The published output appearing in the medical and nursing literature which incorporated the term "patient satisfaction" rose to a peak of over 1000 papers annually in 1994, reflecting changes in service management especially in the U.K.(More)
  • J Sitzia, N Wood
  • 1998
OBJECTIVES To examine the quality of response rate reporting and to identify methodological factors influencing response rates in published patient satisfaction studies. DESIGN Examination and analysis of 210 studies from 200 papers published in 1994 in 141 different health journals. Papers were located in the following databases: British Nursing Index,(More)
Assessments of patient satisfaction have become widely accepted as a legitimate and worthwhile approach to improvement of service quality. Satisfaction studies are common in areas such as general practice or midwifery, but the approach has hardly been applied to assessments of care for persons with cancer. This paper first provides an historical background(More)
A contract for the provision of community nursing and associated services was drawn up between the Plymouth Community Unit and general practitioners associated with a fundholding practice at a health centre in Devon in October 1991. This project, which aimed at applying purchaser/provider principles, contained some novel features and was subject to(More)
PURPOSE Despite the common occurrence of intellectual disability (ID) in people with epilepsy, most studies of the cost of epilepsy have focussed primarily or exclusively on people without ID. This paper estimates the costs of supporting people with epilepsy and ID. METHODS Prospective resource use and outcome data were collected on 91 participants from(More)
Following an increase in average waiting times associated with a child health service in East London, an initiative to rapidly reduce the numbers of children waiting long periods following a referral was undertaken over the period May to June 1999. A multidisciplinary cooperative approach was adopted operating within the existing available resources and(More)
OBJECTIVES There is a paucity of illness accounts of men with chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CP/CPPS), despite a significant level of prevalence and burden of disease. This qualitative study thus elicited twelve accounts from men suffering with CP/CPPS. METHODS Narrative analysis was employed, focusing primarily on narrative content. (More)
A questionnaire survey of individuals working within schools of public health in Europe was carried out in order to identify research interests, the use of computer facilities and research collaborations being conducted. One hundred and sixteen replies were received. Just under one quarter of respondents had conducted research into health care systems or(More)