Nicholas Wise

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Eighty-seven patients with the clinical syndrome of infective endocarditis were examined by M-mode and two-dimensional echocardiography. Patients were divided into two groups based on the presence or absence of echocardiographically detected vegetative lesions. Group 1 consisted of 47 patients with one or more vegetations. Group 2 consisted of 40 patients(More)
One hundred seventy adult patients with possible congenital or valvular heart disease underwent contrast two-dimensional echocardiographic examination as part of a precatheterization evaluation. Persistent left superior vena cava was detected in 5 patients, each of whom demonstrated an abnormally large coronary sinus. Injection of echocardiographic contrast(More)
A 30-year-old female with a history of surgically treated osteosarcoma 2 years prior to admission presented with progressive dyspnea and cyanosis. Physical examination was otherwise negative. Cardiac catheterization demonstrated a right ventricular mass lesion. At surgery, a metastatic osteosarcoma filling the entire right ventricle and extending from the(More)
Contrast M-mode and two-dimensional ultrasonography of the inferior vena cava were performed in 65 patients with various acquired and congenital cardiac disorders. After saline was injected into a peripheral arm vein, the inferior vena cava was visualized by both methods in 60 patients (92%). The M-mode approach was better for correlating the appearance of(More)
Sports and events play an important role in local identity building and creating a sense of community that encourages participation and increases social capital. Rural communities are specific areas with special needs and can face challenges and restraints when it comes to event organisation. The purpose of this paper is to identify organisational(More)
A comparison of two systems based on different methods for calibration of current transformers at several different transformation ratios, burdens, and power frequencies of 60 Hz and 50 Hz is performed at the National Research Council of Canada. The obtained discrepancies in ratio and phase errors are within 5 μA/A and μrad, respectively, for small test(More)
The South Dakota Tumor Registrars' Association reviewed breast cancer cases in South Dakota for the years 1983 and 1988. There were 225 cases in the 1983 group and 266 cases in the 1988 group. Data from this project revealed over 16% of patients in both groups had positive family histories for breast cancer. More cases in 1988 (119) were Stage I as compared(More)
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