Nicholas Toth

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Archaeological and palaeontological evidence from the Early Stone Age (ESA) documents parallel trends of brain expansion and technological elaboration in human evolution over a period of more than 2Myr. However, the relationship between these defining trends remains controversial and poorly understood. Here, we present results from a positron emission(More)
Editors FRONT COVER CAPTIONS Center: Portrait of Ralph L. Holloway. Upper left: A modern human brain. Upper right: Ralph measuring landmarks on an endocast ca. 1976. Lower right: Homo habilis cranium KNM-ER-1813 from Koobi Fora, Kenya (photo by Holloway). Lower left: Ralph with an endocast of the Flores " hobbit " cranium. ABSTRACT Data on brain(More)
We bring together the quite different kinds of evidence available from palaeoanthropology and primatology to better understand the origins of Plio-Pleistocene percussive technology. Accumulated palaeoanthropological discoveries now document the Oldowan Complex as the dominant stone tool making culture between 2.6-1.4 Ma, the earlier part of this(More)
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