Nicholas Toth

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Archaeological and palaeontological evidence from the Early Stone Age (ESA) documents parallel trends of brain expansion and technological elaboration in human evolution over a period of more than 2Myr. However, the relationship between these defining trends remains controversial and poorly understood. Here, we present results from a positron emission(More)
Data on brain connectivity in great apes are difficult to obtain because of the lack of reliable ex vivo chemical tracers and the preclusion of terminal experimentation using in vivo tracers. A new method for obtaining connectivity data, called diffusion-weighted MRI, is a variant of conventional MRI that allows researchers to measure the coherence and(More)
We bring together the quite different kinds of evidence available from palaeoanthropology and primatology to better understand the origins of Plio-Pleistocene percussive technology. Accumulated palaeoanthropological discoveries now document the Oldowan Complex as the dominant stone tool making culture between 2.6-1.4 Ma, the earlier part of this(More)
Anhand fünfjähriger Längsschnitt-Beobachtung einer Xanthomatosis hypercholesterinämica familiaris, besprechen die Verfasser die theoretischen und praktischen Probleme dieser Krankheit. Die Parallelität der unaufhaltsam progredierenden Hauterscheinungen zum Blutchemismus und visceralen Veränderungen wird hervorgehoben. Die Erblichkeitsverhältnisse(More)
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