Nicholas Toothman

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A key goal in agent research is to be able to generate multimodal characters that can reflect a particular personality. The Big Five model of personality provides a framework for codifying personality variation. This paper reviews findings in the psychology literature to understand how the Big Five trait of emotional stability correlates with changes in(More)
While advancements have made it easier to work with digital characters, it remains difficult to author animations that display the free and highly expressive shape change that characterize hand-drawn animation. We present a deformation method that combines skeletal control and free shape change in a single framework, along with an intuitive, sketch-based(More)
“An essential voice in creatively based thinking is the language of the body...” (Johnston, 1986, p. 21). Depending on your background, claims such as this may seem obvious or surprising, but are they actually true and can they be validated? If true, can we use this insight to design computational tools that better support creativity? These questions drove(More)
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