Nicholas Thompson

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Singlet exciton fission transforms a molecular singlet excited state into two triplet states, each with half the energy of the original singlet. In solar cells, it could potentially double the photocurrent from high-energy photons. We demonstrate organic solar cells that exploit singlet exciton fission in pentacene to generate more than one electron per(More)
Moderate exercise in the form of treadmill training and brief electrical nerve stimulation both enhance axon regeneration after peripheral nerve injury. Different regimens of exercise are required to enhance axon regeneration in male and female mice (Wood et al.: Dev Neurobiol 72 (2012) 688-698), and androgens are suspected to be involved. We treated mice(More)
a We report a linearly polarized luminescent solar concentrator with broad absorption across the visible, and luminescence beyond the emissive spectrum of the display. When used to replace a conventional polarizer in a luminescent display, this device recycles light absorbed by the polarizer, guiding it to the frame of the display where solar cells may be(More)
Obesity has been associated with greater severity of influenza virus infection and impaired host defense. Exercise may confer health benefits even when weight loss is not achieved, but it has not been determined if regular exercise improves immune defense against influenza A virus (IAV) in the obese condition. In this study, diet-induced obese mice and lean(More)
OBJECTIVE Compare reconstruction outcomes for various lateral skull base closure techniques. STUDY DESIGN Retrospective medical records review. SETTING University-based tertiary referral center. PATIENTS Patients who underwent resections of tumors involving the lateral skull base requiring reconstruction beyond primary closure. INTERVENTION(S)(More)
Our group works with soft semiconductors. These are materials comprised of molecules held together by weak van der Waals bonds. In comparison, the atoms in conventional semiconductors are held together by strong covalent bonds. Weak intermolecular bonds offer a tradeoff to engineers. Their disadvantage is an enhancement of disorder and charge localization,(More)
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