Nicholas T. Kattamis

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Intraocular pressure (IOP) initially increases when an individual enters microgravity compared with baseline values when an individual is in a seated position. This has been attributed to a headward fluid shift that increases venous pressures in the head. The change in IOP exceeds changes measured immediately after moving from seated to supine postures on(More)
Blister-actuated laser-induced forward transfer BA-LIFT is a versatile, direct-write process capable of printing high-resolution patterns from a variety of sensitive donor materials without damage to their functionality. In this work, we use time-resolved imaging to study the laser-induced formation of blisters on polyimide films in order to understand and(More)
We examine the effects of three laser direct-write LDW printing techniques on 9-anthracenemethanol and tris 8-hydroxyquinoline aluminum Alq3 organic luminophores in order to link the differences in transfer mechanism to the resulting material properties. Degradation can occur where laser light and elevated temperatures are transferred to the molecules, such(More)
a r t i c l e i n f o Titanium surfaces were designed, produced, and evaluated for levels of osseointegration into the femurs of rabbits. A total of 36 Ti-6Al-4V pins (15 mm length, 1.64 mm diameter) were prepared into three experimental groups. These were designed to test the effects of osseointegration on laser grooved, RGD coated, and polished control(More)
Laser-induced forward transfer (LIFT) is a high-resolution direct-write technique, which can print a wide range of liquid materials without a nozzle. In this process, a pulsed laser initiates the expulsion of a highvelocity micro-jet of fluid from a thin donor film. LIFT involves a novel regime for impulsively driven free-surface jetting in that viscous(More)
In this work we use laser direct-write (LDW) to fabricate patterned [Ru(dtb-bpy)3](PF 6 )2 electroluminescent devices under ambient processing conditions. Device fabrication is accomplished via laser micromachining of a transparent conducting oxide top electrode, LDW printing the active organo-metallic material, and vapor depositing the bottom electrode.(More)
Blister-actuated laser-induced forward transfer (BA-LIFT) is a direct-write technique, which enables high-resolution printing of sensitive inks for electronic or biological applications. During BA-LIFT, a polymer laser-absorbing layer deforms into an enclosed blister and ejects ink from an adjacent donor film. In this work, we develop a finite element model(More)
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