Nicholas Sorokin

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It is shown that the diagnostics of the stage of woodland soils affected by wildfires and forest cuts can be determined by the evaluation indexes of the range of the scale of abundance of typical ecologic-and-trophic groups of microorganisms (ECTGM), microbiological activity coefficients, reserve and abundance fluctuations, and metabolism. The degree of(More)
Over the recent years, research in sophisticated Augmented Reality (AR) X-Ray visualization techniques such as [Dey and Sandor 2014] that permit the user to see through real-world objects have created the possibility for mobile applications to show occluded information in an innovative and intuitive fashion. A popular application is navigation assistance in(More)
The occurrence of ophiostomatoid fungi, associates of xylophagous insects, was established to be an indicator of the state of coniferous plantations under different anthropogenic influences and adverse ecological conditions at the coenotic level. The sizes of necroses developed on a tree inoculated with blue-stain fungus isolates were recorded to be(More)
Based on the results of long-term investigations, quantitative assessment of phytodetrite mineralization rates is provided. Their role in the biological cycle of larch stands growing in the permafrost zone of Central Evenkia is discussed. It is demonstrated that their destruction in the subshrub-sphagnum and cowberry-green moss larch stands is extremely(More)
This article reports a study of the enzymatic activity of modern and lower soils of the islands and terrace floodplain close to Lobanovskaya Creek in the right bank of the delta of the Selenga River. Environmental conditions determining the variation in enzymatic activity at the sampling sites are addressed. The enzyme activity of the soils of the(More)
The introduction of Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals (REACH), requires companies to register and risk assess all substances produced or imported in volumes of >1 tonne per year. Extrapolation methods which use existing data for estimating the effects of chemicals are attractive to industry, and comparative data are therefore(More)
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