Nicholas Sioutos

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Over the last 8 years, the National Cancer Institute (NCI) has launched a major effort to integrate molecular and clinical cancer-related information within a unified biomedical informatics framework, with controlled terminology as its foundational layer. The NCI Thesaurus is the reference terminology underpinning these efforts. It is designed to meet the(More)
Cancer researchers need to be able to organize and report their results in a way that others can find, build upon, and relate to the specific clinical conditions of individual patients. NCI Thesaurus is a description logic terminology based on current science that helps individuals and software applications connect and organize the results of cancer(More)
Increased serum concentration of soluble alpha-chain receptor for interleukin-2 (sIL-2R) has been noted in patients with a variety of inflammatory conditions and lymphoid malignancies including T cell leukemia and lymphoma. Elevated sIL-2R serum levels seen in lymphoid malignancies appear to correlate with the clinical stage of disease. However, because(More)
We describe nine patients with a primary Ki-1 (CD30)+ T-cell lymphoma containing numerous, often CD30-negative, small lymphocytes with irregular nuclei and a minor population of large CD30+ tumor cells. All previously described primary Ki-1+ lymphomas have been large-cell neoplasms. In this small-cell variant, the diagnosis of lymphoma was difficult to make(More)
A case of primary carcinoid tumor of the liver with striking morphologic and electron microscopic features is reported. Conventional histologic examination showed a prominent paranuclear clear zone in numerous tumor cells. By electron microscopic examination, this clear zone corresponded to a paranuclear mass of intermediate filaments admixed with(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effectiveness of a lexico-syntactic pattern (LSP) matching method for ontology enrichment using clinical documents. METHODS Two domains were separately studied using the same methodology. We used radiology documents to enrich RadLex and pathology documents to enrich National Cancer Institute Thesaurus (NCIT). Several known LSPs(More)
BACKGROUND The Cancer Biomedical Informatics Grid (caBIG) is a network of individuals and institutions, creating a world wide web of cancer research. An important aspect of this informatics effort is the development of consistent practices for data standards development, using a multi-tier approach that facilitates semantic interoperability of systems. The(More)
We describe three male patients diagnosed by histologic and immunophenotypic criteria to have a Ki-1 + lymphoproliferative disorder. All three cases shared a unique morphologic finding, not previously described: prominent perivascular cuffing of anaplastic/pleomorphic tumor cells around small and medium sized vessels. One case was a Ki-1 + anaplastic large(More)
BACKGROUND Lymphomatoid papulosis (LyP) is a cutaneous clonal or polyclonal Ki-1 + T-cell lymphoproliferative disorder, morphologically resembling Ki-1 + anaplastic large cell lymphomas (Ki-1 + ALCL) or Hodgkin's disease (HD). Lymphomatoid papulosis usually has a characteristic benign clinical course with remissions and relapses of the cutaneous eruptions.(More)