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The images taken from an optical electronic microscope often contain data corrupted by noise, and the subject under study is normally blur due to improper focusing during image acquisition. Thus, in this paper, we propose the use of toboggan contrast enhancement method to solve this problem. First, the noise level in the image is reduced by using Gaussian(More)
In this paper, we modified a method known as Self-Adaptive Plateau Histogram Equalization (SAPHE) to enhance microscopic images acquired using optical microscope. First, our method decides the plateau threshold value, automatically; based on the histogram itself. Then, using this plateau threshold, the bins of the histogram are modified. Finally, histogram(More)
Recently, Simple Adaptive Median (SAM) filter has been introduced for the purpose of reducing the impulse noise level in digital images. SAM filter, which uses square filter as its basis, has an ability to change the size of the filter, spatially, based on the approximated local noise level. This paper investigates the effect of shape and weight into the(More)
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