Nicholas Salim

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Using a neural network-fuzzy logic-genetic algorithm approach we generate an optimal predictor for biological activities of HIV-1 protease potential inhibitory compounds. We use genetic algorithms (GAs) in the two optimization stages. In the first stage, we generate an optimal subset of features. In the second stage, we optimize the architecture of the(More)
A fuzzy neural network (FNN) and multiple linear regression (MLR) were used to predict biological activities of 26 newly designed HIV-1 protease potential inhibitory compounds. Molecular descriptors of 151 known inhibitors were used to train and test the FNN and to develop MLR models. The predictive ability of these two models was investigated and compared.(More)
A new modified method ISS for the simultaneous bounding all the zeros of a polynomial is formulated in this paper. The efficiency of this method is measured on the CPU times and the number of iterations after satisfying the convergence criteria where the results are obtained using five tested polynomials. The R-order of convergence of this method is at(More)
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