Nicholas Read

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Many filamentous cyanobacteria are motile by gliding, which requires attachment to a surface. There are two main theories to explain the mechanism of gliding. According to the first, the filament is pushed forward by small waves that pass along the cell surface. In the second, gliding is powered by the extrusion of slime through pores surrounding each cell(More)
Multilamellar liposomes composed of equimolar egg phosphatidylcholine and cholesterol and containing carboxyfluorescein or colloidal gold were injected subcutaneously into the footpad of the hind-leg of rats. The draining popliteal lymph nodes of animals killed at time intervals after injection were then dissected and sections examined by fluorescence(More)
The present Mössbauer spectroscopic studies of isolated bacterioferritin and whole cells of Pseudomonas aeruginosa have shown that the iron core of bacterioferritin is not altered on isolation. These studies have also shown that the bacterioferritin core is typically 85% oxidized within the cell and may contain a significant proportion of its iron as small(More)
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