Nicholas R Thompson

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BACKGROUND The Gram-negative bacterium Photorhabdus asymbiotica (Pa) has been recovered from human infections in both North America and Australia. Recently, Pa has been shown to have a nematode vector that can also infect insects, like its sister species the insect pathogen P. luminescens (Pl). To understand the relationship between pathogenicity to insects(More)
BACKGROUND Emerging technologies (ie, mobile phones, Internet) may be effective tools for promoting physical activity (PA). However, few interventions have provided effective means to enhance social support through these platforms. Face-to-face programs that use group dynamics-based principles of behavior change have been shown to be highly effective in(More)
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Schizophrenia (SCZ) is a debilitating disorder with a prevalence of approximately 1 % worldwide. SCZ is known to have a high degree of genetic and clinical heterogeneity and is a major health problem worldwide. The integrin-β 3 subunit gene (ITGB3) gene at 17q21.32 has been implicated in psychiatric disorders. We therefore hypothesized that ITGB3 gene(More)
A model is presented which demonstrates that the at-tosecond pulse structure of a High Harmonic Generation (HHG) seed may be retained through to saturation in an FEL amplifier. At wavelengths of ∼ 12 nm, a train of at-tosecond pulses of widths ∼ 300 attoseconds with peak powers in excess of 1 GW are predicted from full 3D simulation. Methods for improving(More)
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