Nicholas R. Staten

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Insulin sensitizing thiazolidinediones (TZDs) are generally considered to work as agonists for the nuclear receptor peroxisome proliferative activated receptor-gamma (PPAR gamma). However, TZDs also have acute, non-genomic metabolic effects and it is unclear which actions are responsible for the beneficial pharmacology of these compounds. We have taken(More)
UNLABELLED BACKGROUND The possibility of extracting RNA and measuring RNA expression from paraffin sections can allow extensive investigations on stored paraffin samples obtained from diseased livers and could help with studies of the natural history of liver fibrosis and inflammation, and in particular, correlate basic mechanisms to clinical outcomes.(More)
A modified human growth hormone (hGH) that lacks the first 43 residues of the intact hormone was prepared by recombinant-DNA technology. For preparative purposes an additional alanine was made the amino terminal residue. Sequence analysis and tryptic peptide mapping combined with amino acid analyses confirmed the structure of the polypeptide. Less than 2%(More)
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