Nicholas R. Fischer

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241 REFERENCES [1] V. Mehrmann and T. Stykel, " Balanced truncation model reduction for large-scale systems in descriptor form, " in Dimension Reduction of Large-Scale Systems, ser. A bisection method for measuring the distance of a stable matrix to the unstable matrices, " SIAM J. A fast algorithm to compute the-norm of a transfer function matrix, " Syst.(More)
—In this technical note, two generalized corollaries to the LaSalle-Yoshizawa Theorem are presented for nonautonomous systems described by nonlinear differential equations with discontinuous right-hand sides. Lyapunov-based analysis methods that achieve asymp-totic convergence when the candidate Lyapunov derivative is upper bounded by a negative(More)
—A saturated controller is developed for a class of uncertain, second-order, nonlinear systems which includes time-varying and nonlin-early parameterized functions with bounded disturbances using a continuous control law with smooth saturation functions. Based on the robust integral of the sign of the error (RISE) control methodology, the developed(More)
—A robust controller is developed for uncertain, second-order nonlinear systems subject to simultaneous unknown , time-varying state delays and known, time-varying input delays in addition to additive, sufficiently smooth disturbances. An integral term composed of previous control values facilitates a delay-free open-loop error system and the development of(More)
—This paper examines saturated control of a general class of uncertain nonlinear Euler-Lagrange systems with time-delayed actuation and additive bounded disturbances. The bound on the control is known a priori and can be adjusted by changing the feedback gains. A Lyapunov-based stability analysis utilizing Lyapunov-Krasovskii functionals is provided to(More)