Nicholas R. Cavanaugh

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The historical record of U.S. hurricane damage is analyzed using a peaks-over-threshold approach in which the generalized Pareto distribution (GPD) is applied to model excesses above a specified threshold for a given damage metric. In addition to absolute hurricane damages (total damage), this paper defines a damage index as the ratio of base-year economic(More)
A rapid, accurate, and sensitive high-performance liquid chromatographic (HPLC) method for simultaneous determination of venlafaxine (V) and O-desmethylvenlafaxine (ODV) in plasma and urine has been developed. V and ODV are extracted from plasma using a liquid-liquid extraction procedure, chromatographed on a Supelcosil LC-8DB column, and quantitated by UV(More)
Linear inverse models (LIMs) are used to explore predictability and information content of the Madden–Julian Oscillation (MJO). Hindcast skill for outgoing longwave radiation (OLR) related to the MJO on intraseasonal timescales in the tropics has been examined for a variety of LIMs using OLR and optionally 200 and 850 hPa zonal wind information channels.(More)
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