Nicholas Paul Hollings

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PURPOSE To use thin-section computed tomography (CT) to distinguish between causes of obstructive pulmonary disease, to determine which distinctions give rise to diagnostic imprecision, and to identify the most useful CT features. MATERIALS AND METHODS Thin-section CT scans of 105 patients with obstructive pulmonary disease (asthma, n = 35; centrilobular(More)
OBJECTIVE We aimed to determine the positive predictive value of impaired evacuation during evacuation proctography for the subsequent diagnosis of anismus. SUBJECTS AND METHODS Thirty-one adults with signs of impaired evacuation (defined as the inability to evacuate two thirds of a 120 mL contrast enema within 30 sec) during evacuation proctography(More)
PURPOSE Pelvic congestion is diagnosed by transuterine venography, an invasive procedure requiring sedation and irradiation. Ultrasound may be an alternative but is hindered by slow flow within pelvic veins. In an attempt to counter this, we investigated the possible role of transvaginal power Doppler ultrasound. MATERIAL AND METHODS 42 women with a(More)
PURPOSE To determine the diagnostic and therapeutic effects of evacuation proctography. MATERIALS AND METHODS Forty-seven referring clinicians completed preevacuation proctography questionnaires for 50 patients, detailing diagnoses, confidence in these, intended management, and what they hoped to learn. After evacuation proctography, the radiology report(More)
Studies of osteocalcin in the serum and synovial fluid of patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and osteoarthritis (OA) showed the presence of significant amounts of osteocalcin in synovial fluid and that the values in RA synovial fluid were significantly lower than in OA synovial fluid. In addition, the osteocalcin in OA synovial fluid bound almost(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the accuracy of magnetic resonance imaging in assessment of adolescent patients with complex Müllerian anomalies and its contribution towards operative management. DESIGN A retrospective review of magnetic resonance imaging and operative findings. SETTING A London teaching hospital that is a tertiary referral centre for complex(More)
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