Nicholas Paparoidamis

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Following Lancaster’s (1966, 1979) own interpretation of his characteristics approach to consumer theory, this contribution focuses on the theoretical and empirical arguments questioning the smoothness of traditional hedonic price estimation techniques. Indeed, Lancaster argued strongly against “combinability”, i.e., that any efficient combination of(More)
The use of non-parametric frontier methods for the evaluation of product market efficiency in heterogeneous markets seems to have gained some popularity recently. However, the statistical properties of these frontier estimators have been largely ignored. The main point is that nonparametric frontier estimators are biased and that the degree of bias depends(More)
The chemical probe C60 efficiently triggers Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) reactivation from latency through an unknown mechanism. Here, we identify the Cullin exchange factor CAND1 as a biochemical target of C60. We also identified CAND1 in an shRNA library screen for EBV lytic reactivation. Gene expression profiling revealed that C60 activates the p53 pathway(More)
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