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BACKGROUND Microarray studies have identified different molecular subtypes of breast cancer with prognostic significance. To transition these classifications into the clinical laboratory, we have developed a real-time quantitative reverse transcription (qRT)-PCR assay to diagnose the biological subtypes of breast cancer from fresh-frozen (FF) and(More)
INTRODUCTION Predicting the clinical course of breast cancer is often difficult because it is a diverse disease comprised of many biological subtypes. Gene expression profiling by microarray analysis has identified breast cancer signatures that are important for prognosis and treatment. In the current article, we use microarray analysis and a real-time(More)
Phacoemulsification cataract surgery, a minimally invasive technique to remove a cloudy lens from the eye, is one of the most commonly performed surgical procedures in the western world. Conventional training for this procedure involves didactic lectures and practice on pig and human cadaver eyes, none of which allow trainees to form an accurate predictive(More)
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