Nicholas P Gall

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BACKGROUND Angiotensin II induces both cardiac and vascular smooth muscle (VSM) hypertrophy. Recent studies suggest a central role for a phagocyte-type NADPH oxidase in angiotensin II-induced VSM hypertrophy. The possible involvement of an NADPH oxidase in the development of cardiac hypertrophy has not been studied. Methods and Results- Mice with targeted(More)
OBJECTIVES this study investigated the use of 3-dimensional (3D) echo in quantifying left ventricular mechanical dyssynchrony (LVMD), its interhospital agreement, and potential impact on patient selection. BACKGROUND assessment of LVMD has been proposed as an improvement on conventional criteria in selecting patients for cardiac resynchronization therapy(More)
Pulmonary vein stenosis is a known complication of radiofrequency ablation; its incidence ranges from 8% to 50%. However, complete occlusion of unilateral pulmonary veins is uncommon. We report a case with radiofrequency ablation that was complicated by complete occlusion of pulmonary veins along with fibrosing mediastinitis, which we believe has not been(More)
BACKGROUND Chronic heart failure is characterized by left ventricular dilation and abnormalities of cardiac autonomic function. Up to 20% of patients with chronic heart failure have QRS prolongation, which can lead to asynchronous left ventricular contraction. We tested the hypotheses that in patients with chronic heart failure, QRS > 150 ms is a risk(More)
Pacemaker endocarditis remains a rare but potentially life threatening complication of pacemaker implantation. This case illustrates a rare cause of pacemaker endocarditis, Serratia marcescens, the management difficulties that can be faced with such organisms, and the potential indolent nature of pacemaker lead associated endocarditis. A review of the(More)
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