Nicholas McGuigan

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Over the last decade, the Intelligent Computer Tutoring Group (ICTG) has implemented many successful constraint-based Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITSs) in a variety of instructional domains. Our tutors have proven their effectiveness not only in controlled lab studies but also in real classrooms, and some of them have been commercialized. Although(More)
Although intelligent tutoring systems have proven their effectiveness, they are still not widely spread due to the high development costs. We present ASPIRE, a complete authoring and deployment environment for constraint-based intelligent tutoring systems. ASPIRE consists of the authoring server (ASPIRE-Author), which enables domain experts (i.e. teachers)(More)
Macquarie University has recently pronounced a number of teaching related policies. This study recognises the critical position of teaching staff and the impact that these policies have on their teaching activities. A large and diverse department presents an inclusive environment to investigate teaching staff’s sentiments, engagement and how they have(More)
This study outlines the development and initial implementation of an Intelligent Tutoring System (ITS) designed specifically for introductory accounting. The ITS is a computer-based problemsolving environment for capital investment decision-making (CID), in which a student solves a problem and receives individualised feedback and support from the system,(More)
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