Nicholas Lynch

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The nucleolus serves as a principal site of ribosome biogenesis but is also implicated in various non-ribosomal functions, including negative regulation of the pro-apoptotic transcription factor p53. Although disruption of the nucleolus may trigger the p53-dependent neuronal death, neurotoxic consequences of a selective impairment of ribosome production are(More)
All 3 activation pathways of complement-the classic pathway (CP), the alternative pathway, and the lectin pathway (LP)- converge into a common central event: the cleavage and activation of the abundant third complement component, C3, via formation of C3-activating enzymes (C3 convertases). The fourth complement component, C4, and the second component, C2,(More)
Lynch, Nicholas McChesney, "Role of ribosomal biogenesis in axonal morphogenesis." (2015). ABSTRACT Elongating axons require a host of macromolecules for outgrowth. The importance of lipid, protein, and general RNA synthesis for initial axonal growth has been previously investigated, but the role of rRNA synthesis and ribosome production in axonal(More)
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