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The aim of this study was to evaluate the regional (i.e. myocardial segments) variability as well as the overall image quality of cardiac T1 and T2 maps obtained in diastole and in systole. In 22 healthy subjects (group-1), diastolic T1 and T2 maps were obtained at 1.5T in short-axis view at basal, mid-ventricular and apical level, as well as in 4-chamber(More)
In CT imaging, pulmonary emphysema appears as lung regions with Low-Attenuation Areas (LAA). In this study we propose a finite element (FE) model of lung parenchyma, based on a 2-D grid of beam elements, which simulates pulmonary emphysema related to smoking in CT imaging. Simulated LAA images were generated through space sampling of the model output. We(More)
RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES The opened or closed status of the glottis might influence tracheal size changes in inspiratory and expiratory computed tomography (CT) scans. We investigated if the glottis status makes the tracheal collapse differently correlate with lung volume difference between inspiratory and expiratory CT scans. MATERIALS AND METHODS Forty(More)
To develop an innovative finite element (FE) model of lung parenchyma which simulates pulmonary emphysema on CT imaging. The model is aimed to generate a set of digital phantoms of low-attenuation areas (LAA) images with different grades of emphysema severity. Four individual parameter configurations simulating different grades of emphysema severity were(More)
A large variety of rare benign and malignant tumors may sporadically affect the lung. Computed tomography (CT) findings of unusual primary lung tumors are often nonspecific. However, there are some rare pulmonary tumors with imaging features overlapping those of other conditions, thus making radiologic diagnosis challenging. The aim of this review was to(More)
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