Nicholas Lambert

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One of the most interesting--if frustrating--aspects of charting the history of computer art is trying to understand the intersections of specific technologies and artistic experimentation. It is rarely as clear-cut as a simple linear influence of one to the other, partly because artists are able to envision all kinds of possibilities that technology might(More)
The zinc-finger transcription factor GLI3 acts as a primary transducer of Sonic hedgehog (Shh) signaling in a context-dependent combinatorial fashion. GLI3 participates in the patterning and growth of many organs, including the central nervous system (CNS) and limbs. Previously, we reported a subset of human intronic cis-regulators controlling many known(More)
OBJECT A new method for 3D localization of N fiducial markers from 1D projections is presented and analysed. It applies to semi-active markers and active markers using a single receiver channel. MATERIALS AND METHODS The novel algorithm computes candidate points using peaks in three optimally selected projections and removes fictitious points by verifying(More)
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