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World War I, 1914–18
Certain destiny : the presentist obsession with "apartheid" in South African history
Gewisse voorland : die presentistiese obsessie met "apartheid" in Suid-Afrikaanse geskiedskrywing Daar is 'n verstaanbare neiging onder historici om alle twintigste eeuse Suid-Afrikaanse geskiedenisExpand
Restoration by stages: The debate over the House of Lords during the reign of Richard Cromwell, 1658–59
SUMMARY It is often incorrectly assumed that the death of Oliver Cromwell in September 1658 made the restoration of the monarchy in England inevitable. On the other hand, some historians have arguedExpand
The Strange Death of ‘Zimbabwe-Rhodesia’: The Question of British Recognition of the Muzorewa Regime in Rhodesian Public Opinion, 1979
Abstract In April/May 1979, following an “internal settlement” in Rhodesia, elections were held for a Parliament with an African majority. On June 1st, Bishop Abel Muzorewa took office as PrimeExpand
World War II, 1939–45
Challenging the Conservative Order