Nicholas L. Petrakis

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The patterns of the occurrence of breast cancer in 11 high-risk families were evaluated by segregation and linkage analysis. These patterns were consistent with the hypothesis that increased susceptibility to breast cancer was inherited as an autosomal dominant allele with high penetrance in women. The postulated susceptibility allele in these families may(More)
Using a combination of gas chromatography, mass spectrometry, and selected ion recording techniques, we have identified nicotine and its major metabolite, continine, in the breast fluid of nonlactating women smokers. As little as 25 picograms could be measured by using the deuterated variants, [5',5'-2H]nicotine and [3,3-2H]cotinine, both as internal(More)
We measured levels of cholesterol and its oxidation products, 5,6 alpha- and beta-epoxides and their common hydrolysis product cholestane triol, in breast fluids of women without breast disease, compared these levels to serum cholesterol levels, and explored associations of these breast fluid measurements with known breast cancer risk factors and other(More)
In a previous study, we observed a bimodal distribution of sensitivity to sister chromatid exchange (SCE) induction by diepoxybutane (DEB) in lymphocytes from healthy individuals. Twenty-four % of the participants had increased sensitivity to in vitro induction of SCEs and chromosomal aberrations. These same participants also had significantly higher(More)
The identification of genetically susceptible individuals may permit the determination of genetic and environmental interactions which result in disease. This paper presents some recent findings on possible genetic-environmental interactions in breast disease as determined by a "nature-nurture" model employing epidemiological risk factors and cytologic(More)
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