Nicholas Léonard

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Theano is a Python library that allows to define, optimize, and evaluate mathematical expressions involving multi-dimensional arrays efficiently. Since its introduction, it has been one of the most used CPU and GPU mathematical compilers - especially in the machine learning community - and has shown steady performance improvements. Theano is being actively(More)
Stochastic neurons and hard non-linearities can be useful for a number of reasons in deep learning models, but in many cases they pose a challenging problem: how to estimate the gradient of a loss function with respect to the input of such stochastic or non-smooth neurons? I.e., can we " back-propagate " through these stochastic neurons? We examine this(More)
The rnn package provides components for implementing a wide range of Recurrent Neural Networks. It is built withing the framework of the Torch distribution for use with the nn package. The components have evolved from 3 iterations, each adding to the flexibility and capability of the package. All component modules inherit either the AbstractRecurrent or(More)
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