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This paper studies the error linear complexity spectrum of binary sequences with period <i>2n</i>. A precise categorization of those sequences having two distinct critical points in their spectra, as well as an enumeration of these sequences, is given. An upper bound on the maximum number of distinct critical points that the spectrum of a sequence can have(More)
In view of the increasingly important role played by digital medical imaging in modern health care and the consequent blow up in the amount of image data that have to be economically stored and/or transmitted, the need for the development of image compression systems that combine high compression performance and preservation of critical information is ever(More)
The problem of finding the shortest feedback shift register, with quadratic feedback function that generates a given finite-length sequence is considered. An algorithm for the determination of the quadratic span and the feedback function, which takes advantage of the special block structure of the associated system of linear equations, is proposed.
The complexity of binary sequences generated by state-space systems is studied in this paper via utilization of system theoretic concepts. Application of controllability and observability conditions lead to a new block-trace representation of binary sequences enabling the efficient generation of sequences with maximum period and linear complexity. These(More)