Nicholas Kollerstrom

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The ratio of the amount of sulphated to sialic acid mucin (Su/Si) in the mucous glands of the human tracheobronchial tree has been investigated in seven smokers and seven non-smokers. The two mucins were studied in histological sections stained by the high iron diamine/Alcian blue pH 2-5 sequence and assessed by a point-counting method. Su/Si was greater in(More)
BACKGROUND This study is in response to the question of whether the moon can influence daily levels of stress. METHOD Four years of telephone-call frequency data were obtained from a single crisis-call centre. We used the method of lunar-day numbers 1 to 29 for analysis. We also tested the concept of 'strong moons' as occurring when the Sun was near to(More)
The percentage area of the bronchial glands taking up the Alcian blue (pH 2-6) stain for acid mucin was obtained from sections from the trachea and from each generation down the inferior lingular axial bronchial pathway in five non-smokers and five cigarette smokers. The mean percentage value for the smokers (59-5%) was significantly less than for the(More)
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