Nicholas Kaufman

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We have previously shown that a single dose of COG1410, a small molecule ApoE-mimetic peptide derived from the apolipoprotein E (ApoE) receptor binding region, improves sensorimotor and motor outcome following cortical contusion injury (CCI). The present study evaluated a regimen of COG1410 following frontal CCI in order to examine its preclinical efficacy(More)
COG1410, a small, novel ApoE-mimetic peptide derived from the receptor binding region of apolipoprotein E (ApoE), has been classified as anti-inflammatory in nature and improves motor, sensorimotor, and cognitive dysfunction following cortical contusion injury (CCI). In order to further examine COG1410's preclinical efficacy on cognitive recovery, the(More)
Previously, we have shown that the window of opportunity for nicotinamide (NAM) therapy (50 mg/kg) following cortical contusion injuries (CCI) extended to 4-8 hrs post-CCI when administered over a six day post-CCI interval. The purpose of the present study was to determine if a more chronic NAM treatment protocol administered following CCI would extend the(More)
A common issue amongst security researchers is the lack of publicly available network traffic traces. In this paper we present Chappie Swarm, which seeks to emulate human behavior in regard to internet browsing. The ex-perimenter can unleash a number of automated chappies which will assume pre-defined personas, and then actively go out and query websites(More)
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