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The absence of intrarenal ACE protects against hypertension.
It is demonstrated that ACE metabolism plays a fundamental role in the responses of the kidney to hypertensive stimuli, in particular, renal ACE activity is required to increase local Ang II, to stimulate sodium transport in loop of Henle and the distal nephron, and to induce hypertension.
Effects of K+-deficient diets with and without NaCl supplementation on Na+, K+, and H2O transporters' abundance along the nephron.
It is predicted that changes in transporter distribution and activity are likely more important for conserving K(+) than changes in total abundance, as well as reducing total diet electrolytes.
Coalescent-based species delimitation is sensitive to geographic sampling and isolation by distance
The impact of geographic sampling on the output of Bayes-factor delimitation with SNAPP, a popular coalescent-based species delimitation pipeline, is examined and removing intermediate sites with genetically admixed individuals incorrectly favors multi-species delimitation scenarios.
Full mitochondrial genome sequences reveal new insights about post-glacial expansion and regional phylogeographic structure in the Atlantic silverside (Menidia menidia)
The results of this study illustrate the power of full mitochondrial genome sequencing in phylogeographic research, and because the Atlantic silverside is known for its clinal phenotypic variation throughout its range, the findings have important implications for the study of local adaptation.
Glacial cycles drive rapid divergence of cryptic field vole species
Analysis of 35,434 single‐nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) with environmental niche modeling (ENM) reveals three areas as potential glacial refugia for the cryptic species and differing climatic niches, although with spatial overlap between species pairs.
Abstract. A large cause of degradation of coral reefs is increased sedimentation and eutrophication caused by human modification of freshwater input into the marine environment. Effective tools must
Stimulation of renal sodium transporters' abundance and phosphorylation during chronic angiotensin II (AII) infusion requires intrarenal AII formation
The hypertensive response to AII infusion is blunted in mice expressing normal systemic ACE levels but no kidney ACE but there is no change in mean arterial pressure levels.
What is Speciation, How Does It Occur, and Why Is It Important for Conservation?
Speciation provides a framework for classifying biodiversity on Earth and is a central concept in evolutionary biology. To help undergraduate students learn about speciation, we designed a