Nicholas K. Allsopp

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BACKGROUND While research has demonstrated that aged persons may show impaired thermoregulatory control, we do not know whether dysthermia in the aged results from altered behavioral or autonomic responses. Consequently, we investigated age-related differences concerning the ability to regulate room temperature. METHODS Two groups of matched healthy males(More)
In this paper we evaluate the MPI environments currently available for Windows NT on the Intel IA32 and Compaq/DEC Alpha architectures. We present benchmark results for low-level communication and for the NAS Parallel Benchmarks to allow comparison with other systems, but our primary interest is determining real application performance and robustness in(More)
Molecular dynamics simulations of a model main-chain liquid-crystalline polymer (LCP), and a low molecular weight analogue, have been carried out using an efficient parallel algorithm. Amain-chain LCP is formed with the help of Gay-Berne mesogenic units connected to each other through flexible methylene spacers. We have studied the effect of varying the(More)
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