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AIMS To compare the efficacy of remnant ablation following a single low dose (specific activity of 131I administered, 1074-1110 MBq) vs. a single high dose (mostly 2775-3700 MBq) of 131I in patients with differentiated thyroid cancer and to determine whether or not the extent of surgery influences outcome. METHODS Nineteen studies have reported the(More)
24 patients with an extrasellar prolactinoma (mean prolactin 4,722 ng/ml), 8 of whom had previously had surgery, received 5-40 mg bromocriptine daily for 13-252 weeks. The mean prolactin level had fallen 89% at 2 days, 95% at 6 weeks, and 15 patients achieved normal values. Tumor shrinkage occurred in all 9 patients rescanned within 2 weeks and later was(More)
In a randomized prospective study, we compared the efficacy of low dose (1073 MBq) and high dose (3700 MBq) iodine-131 administration in postoperative ablation of residual functioning thyroid tissue in 63 patients with differentiated thyroid cancer. We were unable to demonstrate any difference between the low- and the high-dose of radioactive iodine in(More)
A distinct and previously undescribed syndrome has been observed in six Saudi Arabian patients from two highly inbred families. The parents were normal, indicating an autosomal recessive pattern of inheritance. All the patients have a distinctive facial appearance, hypogonadism, sparse or absent hair, diabetes mellitus, mental retardation, mild deafness,(More)