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The complement system plays a key role in host defense against pneumococcal infection. Three different pathways, the classical, alternative and lectin pathways, mediate complement activation. While there is limited information available on the roles of the classical and the alternative activation pathways of complement in fighting streptococcal infection,(More)
We have produced transgenic mice expressing human C1 inhibitor mRNA and protein under the control of the human promoter and regulatory elements. The transgene was generated using a minigene construct in which most of the human C1 inhibitor gene (C1NH) was replaced by C1 inhibitor cDNA. The construct retained the promoter region extending 1.18 kb upstream of(More)
All 3 activation pathways of complement-the classic pathway (CP), the alternative pathway, and the lectin pathway (LP)- converge into a common central event: the cleavage and activation of the abundant third complement component, C3, via formation of C3-activating enzymes (C3 convertases). The fourth complement component, C4, and the second component, C2,(More)
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