Nicholas J. Long

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MRI offers high spatial resolution with excellent tissue penetration but it has limited sensitivity and the commonly administered contrast agents lack specificity. In this study, two sets of iron oxide nanoparticles (IONPs) were synthesized that were designed to selectively undergo copper-free click conjugation upon sensing of matrix metalloproteinase (MMP)(More)
The effect of various cholinergic agents on human spermatozoa motility was studied. Both direct-acting (e.g., acetylcholine, pilocarpine) and indirect-acting (e.g., physostigmine) cholinergic agonists stimulated human spermatozoa motility. All the cholinergic antagonists (e.g., atropine, hyoscine, hexamethonium, d-tubocurarine, and succinylcholine)(More)
Despite the contribution of changes in pancreatic β-cell mass to the development of all forms of diabetes mellitus, few robust approaches currently exist to monitor these changes prospectively in vivo. Although magnetic-resonance imaging (MRI) provides a potentially useful technique, targeting MRI-active probes to the β cell has proved challenging. Zinc(More)
1,1'-Difunctionalised ferrocene derivatives have been studied, which contain groups suitable for chemisorption on gold substrates, namely -NC, -PR(2) as well as a range of sulfur-containing units like -NCS, -SR, and thienyl. Thin films on gold have been fabricated from solution with most of these adsorbate species. Film thickness, composition and structure(More)
We demonstrate controllable poration within ≈1 µm regions of individual cells, mediated by a near-IR laser interacting with thin-layer amorphous silicon substrates. This technique will allow new experiments in single-cell biology, particularly in neuroscience. As our understanding of the fundamental mechanistic processes underpinning biology expands, so(More)
Maximum entropy inference can be used to find equations for the critical currents (J c) in a type II superconductor as a function of temperature, applied magnetic field, and angle of the applied field, θ or . This approach provides an understanding of how the macroscopic critical currents arise from averaging over different sources of vortex pinning. The(More)
Two novel dual-modal MRI/optical probes based on a rhodamine-DO3A conjugate have been prepared. The bis(aqua)gadolinium(III) complex Gd.L1 and mono(aqua)gadolinium(III) complex Gd.L2 behave as dual-modal imaging probes (r1 = 8.5 and 3.8 mM(-1) s(-1) for Gd.L1 and Gd.L2, respectively; λex = 560 nm and λem = 580 nm for both complexes). The rhodamine fragment(More)
We present large-scale reproducible fabrication of multifunctional ultrasharp metallic structures on planar substrates with capabilities including magnetic field nanofocusing and plasmonic sensing. Objects with sharp tips such as wedges and pyramids made with noble metals have been extensively used for enhancing local electric fields via the lightning-rod(More)
The stochastic nature of single-molecule charge transport measurements requires collection of large data sets to capture the full complexity of a molecular system. Data analysis is then guided by certain expectations, for example, a plateau feature in the tunnelling current distance trace, and the molecular conductance extracted from suitable histogram(More)
Iso-selective initiators for the ring-opening polymerization (ROP) of rac-lactide are rare outside of Group 13. We describe the first examples of highly iso-selective lutetium initiators. The phosphasalen lutetium ethoxide complex shows excellent iso-selectivity, with a P(i) value of 0.81-0.84 at 298 K, excellent rates, and high degrees of polymerization(More)