Nicholas J Carson

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OBJECTIVE To review the literature on racial and ethnic disparities in behavioral health services and present recent data, focusing on services for substance use disorders (SUD) and comorbid mental health disorders for children and adolescents. METHOD A literature review was conducted of behavioral health services for minority youth. Articles were(More)
S tudies using multicase breast cancer families led to the mapping and eventual cloning of the two susceptibility genes for breast or ovarian cancer or both, BRCA1(MIM 113705) and BRCA2 (MIM 600185). 1 2 In early studies attempting to characterise the clinical impact of mutations in these genes, investigators continued to analyse large multicase families. 3(More)
IMPORTANCE Given minority patients' unequal access to quality care, patient activation and self-management strategies have been suggested as a promising approach to improving mental health care. OBJECTIVE To determine whether the DECIDE (Decide the problem; Explore the questions; Closed or open-ended questions; Identify the who, why, or how of the(More)
The Internet's permeation into daily life has profoundly changed the practice of psychiatry with adolescents, who mobilize online social media and related technologies in their efforts to develop identity and "hang out" with peers. Technology offers both challenges and opportunities to mental health professionals working with teens. Practitioners will need(More)
OBJECTIVE Clinical practice guidelines underscore the need for careful evaluation of the risk-benefit ratio of psychotropic medications treating mental health disorders among youth. While it is well known that racial/ethnic disparities exist in psychotropic medication use, little is known about whether these differences are driven by over-prescribing among(More)
Children's psychological adjustment following parental separation or divorce is a function of the characteristics of the custodial parent, as well as the degree of postdivorce parental cooperation. Over time, custody has shifted from fathers to mothers and currently to joint arrangements. In this retrospective chart review of family court clinic records we(More)
OBJECTIVE Outpatient follow-up after hospitalization for mental health reasons is an important indicator of quality of health systems. Differences among racial-ethnic minority groups in the quality of service use during this period are understudied. This study assessed the quality of outpatient treatment episodes following inpatient psychiatric treatment(More)
OBJECTIVES This study explored how mental health clinicians assess and respond to physical illness among patients presenting for mental health intake evaluations. METHODS A total of 129 adults were seen for a mental health intake visit. The intake visits were videotaped and involved 47 mental health clinicians from eight clinics who provided outpatient(More)