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In this paper, we describe the development of the Stan-ford Mobile Phone Orchestra (MoPhO) since its inception in 2007. As a newly structured ensemble of musicians with iPhones and wearable speakers, MoPhO takes advantage of the ubiquity and mobility of smartphones as well as the unique interaction techniques offered by such devices. MoPhO offers a new(More)
We propose a method to both identify and synchronize multi-camera video recordings within a large collection of video and/or audio files. Landmark-based audio fingerprinting is used to match multiple recordings of the same event together and time-synchronize each file within the groups. Compared to prior work, we offer improvements towards event(More)
In applications such as audio denoising, music transcription, music remixing, and audio-based forensics, it is desirable to decompose a single-channel recording into its respective sources. One of the current most effective class of methods to do so is based on non-negative matrix factorization and related latent variable models. Such techniques, however ,(More)
The behavior of the genetic algorithm (GA), a popular approach to search and optimization problems, is known to depend, among other factors, on the fitness function formula, the recombination operator, and the mutation operator. What has received less attention is the impact of the mating strategy that selects the chromosomes to be paired for recombination.(More)
Clinical performance of a biomaterial is decided early after implantation as leukocytes interrogate the graft throughout acute inflammation. High degrees of leukocyte activation lead to poor material/patient compliance, accelerated degeneration and graft rejection. A number reactive oxygen species (ROS) are released by leukocytes throughout their(More)
Wound healing requires a fine balance between the positive and deleterious effects of reactive oxygen species (ROS); a group of extremely potent molecules, rate limiting in successful tissue regeneration. A balanced ROS response will debride and disinfect a tissue and stimulate healthy tissue turnover; suppressed ROS will result in infection and an(More)
One of the major obstacles to obtaining human cells of a defined and reproducible standard suitable for use as medical therapies is the necessity for FCS (fetal calf serum) media augmentation in routine cell culture applications. FCS has become the supplement of choice for cell culture research, as it contains an array of proteins, growth factors and(More)