Nicholas J. Addleman

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The nuclear receptor NR1I2 (also called PXR or SXR) is primarily expressed in mouse and human liver and intestines. Direct activation of NR1I2 occurs in response to a range of xenobiotics, which causes the formation of a heterodimer with the RXR receptor. This heterodimer binds to the nuclear receptor response elements of downstream genes such as ABCB1,(More)
Here we report a large, extensively characterized set of single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) covering the human genome. We determined the allele frequencies of 55,018 SNPs in African Americans, Asians (Japanese-Chinese), and European Americans as part of The SNP Consortium's Allele Frequency Project. A subset of 8333 SNPs was also characterized in(More)
Candidate gene pharmacogenetic studies offer a strategy for the rapid assessment of putative predictive markers. As a first step toward studying the pharmacogenetics of cancer chemotherapy, 51 candidate genes from the pathways of antineoplastic agents were resequenced to identify common genetic polymorphisms that might alter therapeutic response or(More)
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