Nicholas Holway

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BACKGROUND The integration of host genetics, environmental triggers and the microbiota is a recognised factor in the pathogenesis of barrier function diseases such as IBD. In order to determine how these factors interact to regulate the host immune response and ecological succession of the colon tissue-associated microbiota, we investigated the temporal(More)
Unstimulated human fibrosarcoma cells (HT1080) constitutively secrete matrix metalloproteinase 2 (MMP 2) as a proenzyme requiring proteolytic cleavage by membrane type-1 MMP (MT1 MMP) for activation. Physiological and pharmacological stimuli induce clustering of MT1 MMP/tissue inhibitor of MMP 2 "receptors", promoting binding and activation of MMP 2. We now(More)
The interplay between diet and the microbiota has been implicated in the growing frequency of chronic diseases associated with the Western lifestyle. However, the complexity and variability of microbial ecology in humans and preclinical models has hampered identification of the molecular mechanisms underlying the association of the microbiota in this(More)
High-throughput screening generates large volumes of heterogeneous data that require a diverse set of computational tools for management, processing, and analysis. Building integrated, scalable, and robust computational workflows for such applications is challenging but highly valuable. Scientific data integration and pipelining facilitate standardized data(More)
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