Nicholas Hamilton

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Epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) pathway activation is a frequent event in human carcinomas. Mutations in EGFR itself are, however, rare, and the mechanisms regulating EGFR activation remain elusive. Leucine-rich immunoglobulin repeats-1 (LRIG1), an inhibitor of EGFR activity, is one of four genes identified that predict patient survival across solid(More)
Most SVRC technical reports are available via anonymous ftp, from in the directory /pub/techreports. Abstracts and compressed postscript les are available via Abstract This paper gives an overview of a case study in fully formal development from high level speciication to executable code using the Cogito formal development system. The case(More)
In this note we investigate the minimum possible volumes for strong Steiner trades (SST). We prove that a (v, q + 1,2) SST must have at least q2 blocks if q is even and q2 + q blocks if q is odd. We construct a (v, q+ 1, 2) SST of volume q2 for every q a power of two, and a (v, q+ 1, 2) SST of volume q2 + q, for every q such that q + 1 is a power of two. A(More)
RATIONALE Stem cell-based tracheal replacement represents an emerging therapeutic option for patients with otherwise untreatable airway diseases including long-segment congenital tracheal stenosis and upper airway tumors. Clinical experience demonstrates that restoration of mucociliary clearance in the lungs after transplantation of tissue-engineered grafts(More)
OBJECTIVES/HYPOTHESIS Effective treatments for hollow organ stenosis, scarring, or agenesis are suboptimal or lacking. Tissue-engineered implants may provide a solution, but those performed to date are limited by poor mucosalization after transplantation. We aimed to perform a systematic review of the literature on tissue-engineered airway mucosa. Our(More)
In 2010, a tissue-engineered trachea was transplanted into a 10-year-old child using a decellularized deceased donor trachea repopulated with the recipient's respiratory epithelium and mesenchymal stromal cells. We report the child's clinical progress, tracheal epithelialization and costs over the 4 years. A chronology of events was derived from clinical(More)
In a previous paper R. Mathon gave a new construction method for maximal arcs in finite Desarguesian projective planes via closed sets of conics, as well as giving many new examples of maximal arcs. In the current paper, new classes of maximal arcs are constructed, and it is shown that every maximal arc so constructed gives rise to an infinite class of(More)
A perp-system RðrÞ is a maximal set of r-dimensional subspaces of PGðN; qÞ equipped with a polarity r, such that the tangent space of an element of RðrÞ does not intersect any element of RðrÞ. We prove that a perp-system yields partial geometries, strongly regular graphs, two-weight codes, maximal arcs and k-ovoids. We also give some examples, one of them(More)
The continuous interleaved sampling (CIS) strategy for cochlear implants has well-established limitations for the perception of pitch changes in speech. This study investigated a modification of CIS in which one channel was dedicated to the transmission of a temporal encoding of fundamental frequency (F0). Normal hearing subjects listening to noise-excited(More)
In this paper an outline is given of an approach to formally reasoning about importation , parameterisation and instantiation of speciications written in a modular extension of the Z language (called Sum). Interpretation and instantiation of theories in rst order logic are well understood. We illustrate how to use these results directly to provide a(More)