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We show how the Riemann surface Σ of N = 2 Yang-Mills field theory arises in type II string compactifications on Calabi-Yau threefolds. The relevant local geometry is given by fibrations of ALE spaces. The 3-branes that give rise to BPS multiplets in the string descend to self-dual strings on the Riemann surface, with tension determined by a canonically(More)
This thesis examines household characteristics as determinants of formal savings accounts in rural Malawi. The main questions answered in this paper include the effects of household characteristics on the probability of having formal savings, the amounts saved in these accounts, and the probability of adopting formal savings. The central discussion aims to(More)
Peripheral blood leukocytes (PBL) from noninstitutionalized individuals with trisomy 21, paired with closely age-matched and/or family members as controls, were analyzed for different aspects of their cellular and humoral immune responses, and were phenotypically characterized by means of various monoclonal antibodies. Both the in vitro PBL proliferative(More)
When studied with double staining techniques HNK-1+ cells include subsets not expressing T cell antigens (A), expressing T8 antigens (B) and expressing T4 antigens (C). Cells with phenotype A are observed as the dominant HNK-1+ population (greater than 50% of all HNK-1+ cells) in the blood from controls and from patients with solid tumours, infectious(More)
The in vivo administration of monoclonal antibody (mAb) to the CD4 antigen associated with helper T cells has been successful in prolonging the survival of nonhuman primates with experimental allergic encephalomyelitis (EAE). EAE was induced in 17 outbred longtailed macaques (Macaca fascicularis) by inoculation of homologous myelin basic protein (BP) in(More)
Jökulhlaups are terrestrial catastrophic outfloods, often triggered by subglacial volcanic eruptions. Similar volcano-ice interactions were likely important on Mars where magma/lava may have interacted with the planet's cryosphere to produce catastrophic floods. As a potential analogue to sediments deposited during martian floods, the Holocene sandurs of(More)
Lavaged lung cells from normal rabbits and rabbits given hydrochloric acid intratracheally were analyzed using flow cytometry techniques. The rabbit alveolar macrophage was characterized as a cell with relatively high light scatter and high intrinsic autofluorescence compared with the lung neutrophil with its lower light scatter and autofluorescence. The(More)
This paper looks at whether firms' credit ratings are negatively affected by litigation risk after controlling for known factors that affect credit ratings. The conventional wisdom is that litigation risk and credit ratings have an inverse relationship. However, my hypothesis is that the inverse relationship will not be stable if the model of credit ratings(More)