Nicholas H. Müller

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The operation of an airline is a very complex task and disruptions to the planned operation can occur on very short notice. Already a small disruption like a delay of some minutes can cost the airline a tremendous amount of money. Hence, it is crucial to proactively control all operations of the airline and efficiently prioritize and handle disruptions. Due(More)
We developed an emotional model, which could help supporting robots to accommodate humans during a working task inside an industrial setting. The robot would recognize when a human is experiencing increased stress and decides whether it should assist the human or should do other tasks. We propose the model as a framework which was developed as part of "The(More)
Within the framework of the project 'The Smart Virtual Worker' we put forward a sound and functioning emotional model which adequately simulates a worker's emotional feelings throughout a typical task in an industrial setting. We restricted the model to represent the basic emotions by Ekman and focused on the implementation of 'joy' and 'anger'. Since(More)
The Stay Centered project at Technische Universitat Chemnitz has the goal to improve the overall security of air traffic controllers. Therefore, we attempt to empirically comprehend the usual controller workspace and their dyadic team structure. Within this context, the following paper describes actual interfaces and visualization, discusses recent research(More)
We have established an emotional model to enhance a virtual worker simulation, which could be also used to support robots in a joined human-robot work-task inside an industrial setting. The robot is able to understand people's individual and specific knowledge as well as capabilities, which are ultimately linked to an emotional consequence. As a result, the(More)