Nicholas H. Briggs

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Network use has evolved to be dominated by content distribution and retrieval, while networking technology still speaks only of connections between hosts. Accessing content and services requires mapping from the <i>what</i> that users care about to the network's <i>where</i>. We present <i>Content-Centric Networking</i> (CCN) which treats content as a(More)
A variety of proposals call for a new Internet architecture focused on retrieving content by name, but it has not been clear that any of these approaches are general enough to support Internet applications like real-time streaming or email. We present a detailed description of a prototype implementation of one such application -- Voice over IP (VoIP) -- in(More)
Over the years number of people using Internet has escalated. The primary motive of the Internet has been revised. To deal with this drastic change, network architecture has to be redesigned considering future trends. The future architecture of Internet can be developed only after scrutinizing various aspects of current Internet architecture. Thus study of(More)
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