Nicholas G. Polson

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This paper presents a general, fully Bayesian framework for sparse supervised-learning problems based on the horseshoe prior. The horseshoe prior is a member of the family of multivariate scale mixtures of normals, and is therefore closely related to widely used approaches for sparse Bayesian learning, including , among others, Laplacian priors (e.g. the(More)
In this paper we develop proximal methods for statistical learning. Proximal point algorithms are useful in statistics and machine learning for obtaining optimization solutions for composite functions. Our approach exploits closed-form solutions of proximal operators and envelope representations based on the Moreau, Forward-Backward, Douglas-Rachford and(More)
In this paper, we develop a simulation-based approach for two-stage stochastic programs with recourse. We construct an augmented probability model with stochastic shocks and decision variables. Simulating from the augmented probability model solves for the expected recourse function and the optimal first-stage decision. Markov chain Monte Carlo methods,(More)
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